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What is Travel Insurance?

DEFINITION [travel insurance covers cancellations, unexpected medical expenses, emergency evacuations, loss or delays, and offers 24/7 phone assistance].

Travel insurance for CANADIANS | Travel insurance for VISITORS to Canada

DON’T FORGET to pack travel insurance on your next getaway! Travel insurance can be very confusing and that’s where we can help you understand the eligibility requirements, limitations, restrictions, policy exclusions, and terms and conditions.

Protection against the unexpected, peace of mind, and preserving your trip investment are three great reasons for travel insurance coverage. We have a diverse range of travel solutions at very competitive rates.

The #1 concern with most travellers is a cancelled trip.  A  lot of money is invested when planning a trip such as airfare, accommodation, tour packages, fishing charters, golf course fees, etc and if these expenses are pre-paid and non-refundable, you risk losing it all if something goes wrong!

Coverage may reimburse you for these expenses if you need to cancel your trip prior to departing if the reason meets certain criteria like sickness, injury, or death of you or a family member or travelling companion, weather, loss of employment, terrorist incidents in your destination city, jury duty, etc! Even smaller things like damaged/delayed/lost/stolen baggage are sometimes covered.

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