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Mortgage Debt Insurance CalagryAre you considering the benefits of mortgage debt insurance? Calgary agency Freeborn Financial can assist you in choosing the right type and amount of insurance to meet your needs. If you’ve been thinking about mortgage insurance and were wondering how it will benefit you, make a call to 403-238-0238 today to speak with a knowledgeable agent from Freeborn Financial.

Owning mortgage debt insurance for your Calgary home can protect you in the event that something should happen to you before you are able to pay off your mortgage. For your family, mortgage debt insurance is an invaluable commodity to own. Just think about the burden your mortgage would be to your family should you become sick and die, or die from an untimely accident.

While financial institutions are protected by their own insurance methods for instances when their mortgage borrowers pass away before their mortgages are paid off, the individual homeowner should be protected as well with their own policy. At the time when you purchase your life insurance policy, the complete needs of your family should be taken into account, to provide for every aspect of what they will be lacking in the event that you should die.

This is the time to consider not only the cash flow that will be needed by your loved ones, but also large and burdensome bills that will have to be paid. Your mortgage will need to be paid faithfully, month after month, in most cases for many years to come. If you’re family is not in a financial position to shoulder that burden easily, mortgage debt insurance on your Calgary home would be a tremendous benefit.

Most mortgage insurance policies offer a reducing balance advantage to the policy holder, since the amount of coverage is continuously decreasing. Since the policy only covers the amount of mortgage you owe to the bank, as you pay your mortgage down, the amount of coverage goes down as well. This can significantly save you money over the span of your policy.

In the event that you should die, your policy will pay out your mortgage balance to your lender, and will also pay your beneficiary the full benefit of your policy. This puts cash in the hands of your loved ones while removing the burden of your mortgage at the same time.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of carrying mortgage debt insurance on your Calgary home, feel free to contact an agent from Freeborn Financial today at 403-238-0238. Freeborn Financial provides their clients with exceptional service and a wide range of products to choose from.

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