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Living Benefits Life Insurance CalgaryAre you searching for an agency that offers Living Benefits life insurance in the Calgary area? We invite you to consider Freeborn Financial for exceptional peace of mind. A Living Benefits rider added on to your life insurance policy can be the source of great comfort should your family need to call in its benefits.

A life insurance policy can preserve the financial security of your loved ones in the event that something should happen to you; in fact, it will pay them as a tax-free benefit to use for whatever it is that they need at the time. Freeborn Financial can help you make the right choice in selecting the amount of coverage you decide on, as well as the type of insurance you purchase, based on your specific needs.

So often is the case that those who own life insurance find that the coverage they have purchased does not fully meet their needs, or no longer meets them in the most beneficial way. For this reason, there are numerous types of insurance riders available. The Living Benefits rider is one that is considered by many to be one of the most cost-effective ways to add another level of safety to their protection net.

The Living Benefits rider provides the policy owner the right to request an early payout of the policy’s benefits in the event that they have been diagnosed with a life expectancy of 12 months or less. This is one of the only instances when the policy owner is able to request that the policy pays them instead of their beneficiary. Should the policy owner need to call in this benefit, they’ll find the benefits far outweigh the investment in the policy rider.

If you’d like to learn more about Living Benefits life insurance in the Calgary area, feel free to call Freeborn Financial at 403-238-0238 for more information. You’ll find Freeborn Financial to be an agency that takes a lot of pride in delivering insurance products and services with a heavy accent on client satisfaction. Agents from Freeborn Financial work for you, not the insurance company, and are committed to providing cost-effective strategies that are designed to meet a wide range of budgets.

Due to the rising cost of medical bills and insurance, more and more terminally ill patients find themselves facing financial hardship at a time in their lives when they could use all the help they can find. The stress of accumulating medical bills is the last thing a person should have to deal with at a time such as this. Owning a life insurance policy with a Living Benefits rider can change all of that.

Living Benefits riders can be added to new or, in many cases, existing life insurance policies in the Calgary region. One amazing aspect of this type of coverage is that, in many cases, the owner of the policy can even elect to add Living Benefits coverage at the time when they furnish their insurance company with proof that a terminal illness exists.

We welcome you to take a closer look at Living Benefits Life Insurance by calling Calgary agency Freeborn Financial at 403-238-0238. Living Benefits Life Insurance Calgary
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