About Us

Strategic financial planning is essential to getting the most out of LIFE!

Freeborn Financial specializes in guiding you through your important FINANCIAL decisions.

We literally provide you with PEACE OF MIND…


FREEBORN FINANCIAL is an independent insurance consulting firm located in Calgary AB.  Roy Freeborn founded our company in 2009 and has many years of industry experience.  Our team is committed to LISTENING to your specific needs, UNDERSTANDING them, and CREATING an optimum solution for you!

We pride ourselves on delivering insurance products and services with exceptional client service.

We are COMMITTED to providing COST-EFFECTIVE strategies with COMPREHENSIVE solutions.

Our bottom line is that we work for YOU, not the insurance company!

16 Midlake Blvd, Suite 319
Calgary, AB
T2X 2X7

Phone: 403.238.0238

Email: roy@freebornfinancial.com